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Zenobia – one of the top ten wreck dives in the world

Posted: 09 Mar, 2016. No comments
diver swimming underwater

Fancy a day diving on the Zenobia?

The Zenobia ferry sank on her maiden voyage in June 1980 and has since become one of the top ten wreck dives in the world. She now rests on her port side completely intact in 43 metres of water just 1.5 kilometres from the Larnaca coastline.
The wreck is 172 metres long and has onboard 104 lorries that had been laden with cargo, making her an excellent dive.

scuba diver swims alongside wreck of Zenobia
A scuba diver explores the wreck of the Zenobia which lies off the coast of Cyprus near Larnaca

Leaving Maroni around seven thirty in the morning we travel along the coast to Larnaca. We board the “Queen Zenobia” with our equipment. There is free tea and coffee on board and after a hot drink we prepare our equipment. Our experienced instructor/dive guide will give a briefing about the wreck of the Zenobia and describe our dive plan.

Zenobia is classed as one of the top ten wreck dives in the world. Don’t miss her on a visit to Cyprus. Non divers are also welcome on board and can take advantage of snorkelling once moored up over the dive site.


At the dive site

Sea conditions are usually very calm as we head out of port around 9am. Upon reaching the splash point, we enter the water and look below the surface where we can usually see the wreck around 18 metres below us. We will either descend down the mooring line to the wreck or freefall down to the top of the vessel. Depending on your comfort level and qualification we may head to the stern and over the side to one of the propellers where a moray eel generally lives.

underwater fish shoaling at a wreck diving site off Larnaca
The beauty of the underwater world that is Zenobia – fish thrive in this protected area!

Moray eel, large grouper, turtles, stone fish, sea bass and bream are amongst the fish that live here in this safe haven.

Coming around the wreck we pass hundreds of fish including sea bass and bream, stone fish and large groupers. We look at the lorries still on board and the lifeboats still attached the Zenobia. Turtles are frequent visitors to the wreck at certain times of the year and you may find yourself diving alongside one.

Typical dive time for the first dive is around 45 minutes. After our safety stop and after our surface interval we prepare for our second dive. Usually a little shallower, we may go inside the wreck passing through the bridge, the cafeteria with its vending machine or maybe through the accommodation area. There are so many areas to explore.

After our second dive

After our second dive it’s time to relax as we head back to port. There’s always a bbq on the way to port, with chicken, pork, salad, dips, bread, rice, pasta and soft drinks. A chance to relax on the upper deck on the sun loungers? Sit and fill in our log books before heading home after a memorable experience. Expect to arrive back in Maroni around three pm.

This season we are thrilled to be introducing diving opportunities for all guests irrespective of your ability level. Diving on Zenobia is on offer to qualified, experienced divers. If you would like to explore diving opportunities whilst staying at Villa Carpe Diem do please get in touch.

Our associates at Freedom Divers, Cyprus are highly recommended. Make a plan to dive whilst visiting Cyprus.

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