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Why are wheelchair vehicles so expensive?

Posted: 04 Sep, 2019. No comments

One of the most common questions asked by mobility vehicle buyers is: “Why are wheelchair vehicles so expensive?”

We recognised the frustration in dealing with limited transportation options. We want to make the option of a mobility vehicle as easy as possible for our guests. By owning our vehicle we help guests who are wheelchair users gain better mobility, here on holiday.

The answer depends on a few factors:

First, there is the cost of the vehicle itself before modifications; the chassis. The cost of a vehicle chassis can vary greatly depending on the make and model. Then there is the vehicle type and its fuel system. For some reason, diesel-powered vehicles cost more than petrol engines. Then there’s the transmission, automatic or manual. Automatics cost more.

Next, is the conversion equipment that will be installed. Ramp conversions, in-floor or fold-out, powered or manual, all are expensive.

Conversion requires skilled labour. Labour costs. Making the modifications. Equipment testing to make sure the van passes all Government required safety tests. Vehicle conversion work is a specialised skill. Engineers are trained and certified. The number of professionals trained to do this work is few.

The upshot of this is that there are only a few wheelchair adapted vehicles on Cyprus. Most of these vans have come to Cyprus because an individual needs a mobility vehicle. They will have bought and imported the car. This process involves checks by the Cyprus Department of Transport, duty payments and bureaucracy.


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