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Wheelchair sewist creates her own bikini

Posted: 02 Dec, 2019. No comments

Wheelchair sewist creates her own bikini – you can do it too!

Gina is a wheelchair using sewist. She caught my attention on the Closet Case website. Read on and I will tell you why.
I am a self-described avid seamstress. My husband and I run an accessible holiday villa in Cyprus. I’m sure you can begin to see the thread I’m weaving. (All puns intended)
Gina says she wants to learn to make swimwear. I learned how to make swimwear for our Cypriot lifestyle (4 months of sea-swimming in the average year). My go to source – Heather’s on-line swim wear course.
At our holiday villa we make it easy for people who face access issues to enjoy their dream vacation. Many are wary of travelling abroad because they worry about not having the facilities they would usually have at home.
Heather at Closet Case makes it easy for people to sew their own swimwear. For those of us who are not a ‘standard’ size or shape. For those who find it difficult or embarrassing to try on clothing in retail stores. These are two great reasons to make your own. There are a ton of other valid justifications. Feel free to add your own!
We have a private salt-water pool with a hoist to get you into the water. Certain local beaches have ramps and beach wheelchairs to enable you to access the sea.
Further adventures can be had scuba-diving. Ask about our expert dive instructor who trains wheelchair users to scuba-dive.
There is little to compare with swimming in the warm Mediterranean Sea. Spending time underwater observing fish and sea creatures. These things are open to you.
“Me Made” Swimwear by Niki
But first we need to create our swimwear. Heather holds your hand. This is important as you go through the steps to create the swimwear of your dreams. We hold your hand and reassure you that we can supply most things that someone with access issues needs. Rest assured if we haven’t got it we almost certainly know someone who can supply it.
Make yourself the swimwear you need, and come on your adventure holiday to Cyprus! 
[Gina @sewdisabled (her instagram account)]

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