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Posted: 23 Mar, 2016. No comments

Imagine lounging in the sun in a garden filled with colour and scent – Villa Carpe Diem has a sensory garden designed to fire your senses. From Orange blossom scent to Frangipani, via Jasmine, Lavender, Rosemary and Lemon, they are all available to see, smell and touch.

Photograph of a wild bird, a Partridge like Chuckar sitting on a rock wall in the early morning sunshine.
Even the wild birds like to sun bathe at Villa Carpe Diem – this one was calling for a mate with that distinctive Chuckar call!

We’re almost at the end of March 2016, when the calendar turns over to April 1st we will have enjoyed, or perhaps endured, ninety-one days of ’16. I say enjoyed or endured because our mood tends to change depending upon the weather. And don’t forget February has had twenty nine days because 2016 is a leap year!

A couple more pirouettes and summer will really be upon us. With that thought in mind, I have an offer for you. And yes, weather is central to this offer! May, June and July provide some of the best weather on Cyprus – sunshine is a given, it is hot without being overbearingly hot.

What better time to arrange your holiday at Villa Carpe Diem where things are delightfully different yet refreshingly familiar. We specialise in providing accessible holidays and have the equipment including our wheelchair accessible vehicle ready for your use.

Soak up the sun, or simply soak in the swimming pool. You choose. Email now quoting OFFER16 with your choice of dates and we will put together a memorable package for you at an amazing price. There’s not a moment to loose. So, what are you waiting for?

Why not join the sunrise here at Carpe Diem? The Villa sleeps up to eight, the views are enchanting. We can’t guarantee that you will see a Chuckar but we can guarantee you a really good deal on a truly great accessible holiday. Don’t you owe it to yourself?

Express yourself and have fun holidaying at Villa Carpe Diem.

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