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Water – The News Is Good

Posted: 04 Mar, 2019. No comments
Water Overflowing From A Dam

The water levels on Cyprus are at their highest level this decade. Many of the reservoirs and dams are at or approaching capacity. It has been a bumper winter for rainfall say the optimists. Pessimists moan about the amount of rain!

Whichever way you look at it, Cyprus needs water. Tourism is booming, the construction industry is picking up and agriculture remains an important sector. All of these require water, copious amounts of water.


Once Spring turns to Summer in a few short weeks, that will be that. The sun will shine and it will be months before rain starts to fall.

Kai_Vogel / Pixabay



The Cyprus Mail is today reporting that the Asprokremmos dam in the Paphos region is the latest to be poised to overflow. This is a massive dam, visible from the main highway to Paphos and Paphos airport. It is also a good place to visit if you are interested in birds, the feathered variety. Further up the valley, into the higher ground there are opportunities to observe a variety of raptors, but that is a story for another day, perhaps a sightseeing tour article.


To get a sense of how significant water is to Cyprus it is worth noting that preparations for the overflow of the Asprokremmos dam have been made.

Safety measures for those wanting to visit the reservoir are in place. Since the dam overflowed in 2012 there is an expectation that thousands will want to visit the area once it happens again.

The road above the reservoir has been closed to all vehicles from February 28 and will remain closed for as long as the dam overflows. This is so that pedestrians can move about safely. I’m not sure I’d fancy walking out across the road with such a huge volume of water behind the dam, I recognise of course that I am very risk averse! Furthermore I have walked across the dam and also driven over it, so this does not have quite the same novelty value for me.

It is worth noting that the reservoirs are now at about 78% of their total capacity, since some are full this means that others have someway to go. I wonder if some bright spark could devise a way to divert the overflowing water into the not-yet-full dams.

Overflowing Dam – Image Credit – Cyprus Mail


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