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Tinder Dry Conditions

Posted: 19 May, 2018. No comments
Large round straw bales in a field where grain has been harvested

Today in London there was a wedding going on.

Tinder dry conditions here in Maroni gave rise to a song and dance of a different kind!

It was early afternoon when I heard a seldom heard sound, the sirens of an emergency service vehicle. These days emergency vehicles all sound alike and as I was busy I didn’t take much notice. I heard them pass in the near distance and returned to my task.

Shortly thereafter I had to call up at the Villa to drop some things off for our guests and as I approached, there was a pall of smoke enveloping the house! At first I wondered if the BBQ was on fire!! Once I got a sniff of the smoke I could tell that it was not the BBQ.

Our guests told me that a couple of fire engines has gone up the hill and so I set off to find out what was happening. I found the fire brigade and a farmer with his tractor trying and hopefully succeeding in containing the blaze that had taken hold in an area of grain stubble.

Five or six large round bales of hay were also affected but fortunately things had been caught before they spread across the track where a neighbour’s house and a field of standing grain, immediately behind our hedge, would have been the next to go, given the strength and direction of the prevailing wind.

Here’s hoping that things will be back to normal tomorrow, both here in Maroni and also in London as they clear up after the wedding party. That said there is no sign of the tinder dry conditions changing and so I will be waiting and watching for the farmer to appear to crop the field behind the Villa.

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