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They’re Back – Our ever popular returning guests

Posted: 13 Sep, 2018. No comments
The European Bee Eater is the most colourful bird - a flying rainbow

They’re Back – Our ever popular returning guests

These guys aren’t your normal villa rental guests, they come and go with nary a care in the world.

You see they are on a mission. A kind of charm offensive you might say.

By now I hope that you have worked out that I’m not talking about human guests. I’m referring to the return of the beautiful European Bee Eaters that choose to grace our valley for a few precious weeks each year.

This is the most beautiful bird in Europe

These are the most beautiful birds in Europe. They have to be seen to be believed. They fly around with purpose, flashing colours of the rainbow as they swoop and turn in pursuit of their food, large insects also on the wing. There is strong debate about their impact on the bee population, probably negligible when compared to devastation of bee populations by neonicotinoids.

Mike McCarthy writing in The Independent in 2013 describe the European Bee Eater thus “It’s a winged rainbow. It has a shining blue-green breast topped with a brilliant yellow throat, plus a back of yellow and chestnut, with long wings, a long decurved bill and projecting middle tail feathers, and the most vivacious, animated flight, in pursuit of big insects”.

Here in Maroni on the Eastern coast of Cyprus, midway between Limassol and Larnaca, we see the bee eaters twice in a year, en route to and returning from their African winter migration.

As well as Cyprus, you can find bee eaters in Corsica, Spain and Italy during the summer. A vanishingly small number have been seen in Britain after they have overshot their usual destination.

Usually you hear them before you see them. Their distinctive but hard to vocalise call, is such a giveaway. Then scanning the skies you see them and binoculars in hand it is time to marvel once again at the most beautiful birds in Europe.

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