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The best Cafe in Maroni

Posted: 12 Apr, 2019. No comments
Man at table - Zygi harbour 2019

The best cafe in Maroni is found on the Zygi harbourside. A five minute drive from Villa Carpe Diem along the beach road brings you into Zygi where the harbour is prominently located on the left-hand side.

You can find the cafe just beyond the parking area on the left as you arrive. There is free parking from which there is wheelchair friendly, level, easy going to get to the harbour cafe. When we went there a few days ago it was pleasantly busy. A group of twelve young, Cyprus Navy personnel in their dark blue uniforms were gathered drinking coffee and chatting about their work. On a separate table  three of their officers huddled conversing, their sunglasses like dark windows on their thoughts.

At other tables tourists sat, scanning their phones, taking full advantage of the free wifi that is available here.

As they say in Cyprus and in Greece, Kopiaste – come sit down and let’s drink and chat.

We were there to meet friends, to have a catch up and to enjoy the sunshine. The sunshine is what people come in search of when they holiday on Cyprus. We found Dee, or rather she spotted us and was waving at us as we approached.

Bob, her husband, we learned, was swimming in the sea, training for a triathlon or similar event. I spotted him across the bay adjacent to one of the breakwaters just as he turned to swim back to shore. He emerged, clad in lightweight swimming gear and wrapped in a towel, sat down and joined our conversation.

Prices for coffees and sodas are in line with other nearby premises. Our four drinks cost less than eight euros so under £2 per drink.

Glancing around I noticed a character who I would have like to engage in conversation had he not been finishing up his coffee and getting ready to leave! I did manage to snap a photo of this dapper chappie who underneath his hat was rocking a fine head of hair and a pony tail to rank with the best. People watching is such fun, I can imagine that he is a musician taking a moment to sit quietly absorbing the warming rays of the sun before returning to his piano to work on his next composition.

Zygi harbour cafe offers hot and cold drinks, you can get snack foods, they also make pancakes and serve ice cream. Cold beers and a small selection of wines are also on offer. There is so much to see in the marina / harbour I’ll write about the harbourside itself on another day.


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