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First Cyprus Vegan Fam Festival

Posted: 07 Sep, 2019. No comments

First Cyprus Vegan Fam Festival What is Vegan Fam Festival? The answer is, at a guess, all in the title I’d say. Vegan. Fam(ily) Festival. Let’s read on to find out. Vegan Fam Festival is billed as a celebration of life! It’s an opportunity for vegans and all with an interest in healthy living to […]

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They Do So Much More Than Serve Food!

Posted: 06 Sep, 2019. No comments

They did so much more than serve food! A friend and supporter of Villa Carpe Diem has unfortunately had to close the exciting new cafe that she had opened in Deryneia, Cyprus. Despite warm words of support, actual patrons failed to emerge in numbers that would justify continuing. These are hard times to start a [...

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Why are wheelchair vehicles so expensive?

Posted: 04 Sep, 2019. No comments

One of the most common questions asked by mobility vehicle buyers is: “Why are wheelchair vehicles so expensive?” We recognised the frustration in dealing with limited transportation options. We want to make the option of a mobility vehicle as easy as possible for our guests. By owning our vehicle we help guests who ar...

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