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Stop and Watch

Posted: 01 Feb, 2016. No comments

Why Stop and Watch?

I can almost hear your mind whirring away as you attempt to intuit, from the title, what this post is about! Knowing that you have probably brought one or two favourite items of jewellery and perhaps a couple of watches with you on holiday affords the insight that you won’t want your watch to let you down whilst away from home and the knowledge of who and where to go to get your timepiece sorted.


We had an event something like this a few weeks ago. Niki has a collection of watches, some are more expensive than others but the one thing that most have in common is the fact that they rely on a small button or coin sized battery to keep them running. Two watches failed on almost the same day and so we took them with us on one of our occasional visits to ‘The Mall of Cyprus’ on the outskirts of Nicosia.

Image of a business card for Stop and Watch a repair shop in The Mall of Cyprus located in Nicosia, Cyprus
Where we got our watches tested and repaired whilst in Nicosia

Tucked away at the foot of the middle of three escalators there is a small kiosk shop managed by a gentleman called George Kormaniotis. Apart from other needments George replaces watch batteries on an almost while you wait basis. He got to work quickly on Niki’s watches after first donning a pair of spectacles with large magnifying extensions glued to the front of each of the lenses. He deftly opened the watch back, removed the battery and tested it with a metering device. One of the batteries seemed to be ok and so he polished the surfaces of the battery and refitted it. The second watch battery was replaced with a new one but the watch would not work. George removed the new battery, put it back into his box and called us. He gave us the good news about watch one which incidentally is one of Niki’s favourites. The second watch had been a gift from a friend, purchased on a beach in Asia it had enjoyed a very short life, a pretty but now useless timepiece we asked George to consign it to the recycling bin.

After performing these tasks I was fully expecting a bill of at least €10 but to my surprise George said that there would be no charge as he had not replaced any batteries. He simply asked that we remember him when we actually needed a replacement battery! Note to self – pass on the details of this kind hearted gentleman so that others can benefit from his expertise in getting their watch(es) repaired.

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