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Sightseeing in Nicosia

Posted: 26 Apr, 2018. No comments
When sightseeing in Nicosia look out for this monument about liberty depicting figures cast in bronze

Sightseeing in Nicosia?

There are many things to see when sightseeing in Nicosia.

You might want to plan your visit. On the other hand you might choose to take pot luck. It’s up to you.

Most visitors will want to go to the old, walled, Venetian city. Just inside the walls, somewhere between the Paphos gate and the Famagusta gate, on Podocatro Bastion,  you will find the Liberty Monument. Whichever approach you take, it will be but a few minutes on foot to reach.

The memorial was erected in 1973 to commemorate the release from prison in 1959 of EOKA fighters. It shows a statue of liberty overseeing two EOKA heroes tugging on chains in order to open prison gates and release Greek Cypriot prisoners, peasants and clergy, from British colonial rule.

It is therefore quite a politically charged monument, full of symbolism for those who view EOKA as heroes. The British view of the time had EOKA painted as ‘separatists’ or worse.

Careful observation shows no Turkish Cypriot prisoners being released. Greek Cypriots considered them to have been allies of the British during colonial times.  Let’s recall that in 1973, Turkish Cypriots are mostly living in ‘the occupied North’, to all intents and purposes, as non-citizens.

Cyprus in 2018 still celebrates, on 1 April, EOKA day. You might wish to have a look at some other images of the Liberty Monument on Trip Advisor where you can also read contributor comments.

This monument is not particularly accessible to wheelchair users.

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