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Shade Tree on Cyprus

Posted: 01 Jul, 2018. No comments
Image of a shade tree with a a cool area beneath the shadow of the leaves

Shade Tree on Cyprus

Shade Tree on Cyprus – we explore the meaning.

Sitting beneath these shady branches…

This shade tree is located at a well known Cyprus archaeological site. It is symbolic of many, many shade trees. They are dotted all across this island.

As we motor around in our air-conditioned cars few of us really realise the impact of the direct sunshine and heat during the day.

A couple of weeks ago I watched as a local farmer brought his herd of around two hundred sheep and goats to a watering place. The sheep and goats were literally running to get to the water and also to get to the shade of the trees. Some of the more enterprising goats would get up onto their hind legs in an attempt to reach a tasty leaf or two. Most did not succeed. This pruning routine ensures that there is a certain available height beneath the tree!

Look around the island of Cyprus

Look around the island. You will see one or more chairs, occasionally an otherwise derelict sofa, positioned to take advantage of a life-saving shade tree.

I like to think that back in the day, the people who lived in the area where this tree now grows, took time to sit and ponder. High above the coastline, the views are spectacular. There is usually a pleasant breeze. The views are incredible in all directions.

Carob trees, olive trees, hardy species that survive in virtual summer drought conditions. They send their roots deep into the hard, rocky, ground in search of what water they can find. Theirs is a very real fight for survival.

If you get the chance to visit Cyprus, I’d encourage you to take a few moments. Sit beneath at least one of the shade trees. Ponder life as it is lived in this part of the Mediterranean.

Image courtesy of Dimitris Vetsikas

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