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Rubbish, trash, waste!

Posted: 30 Sep, 2016. No comments
Cartoon of a smiling, green garbage truck

Getting rid of your rubbish, trash and waste.

You don’t want to holiday in a place infested with vermin, right? Guess what, nobody does!

As our next guests, you need to know that we have a responsible attitude towards waste management. We do our bit to ensure your Villa is properly prepared for your arrival. Once we hand over the keys, its up to you.

Fruit flies love ripe fruit, its the sugars that they are after. ‘Empty’ alcohol and soda containers have a small sugary residue in them and they seem like precious fruit to the flies. Keeping unwanted guests at bay is easy – get rid of your rubbish regularly.

Ants love things that get spilled onto the floor and not cleaned up. An army of them will move in and carry their treasure away…

By regularly taking your trash to the wheelie bin at the bottom of the hill, you can play your part. You’re probably going to pass the dumpster a couple of times a day , so its really easy to do. We provide bin bags for your convenience.

If you choose not to manage your rubbish, you should know that we reserve the right to retain some or all of your damage deposit.

We’re looking forward to a great next summer. With your help we will ensure that only the people booked to stay at the Villa will be in residence!

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