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Retro in Kalavassos

Posted: 19 Jun, 2019. No comments


We have been drawn to visit Retro, in part by the review of a friend whose food instincts we have come to trust. We also took a look at Trip Advisor where Retro enjoys, at the time of writing, June 2019, 265 five star reviews. That is an astonishing approval rating! Let’s head there and we will write up our review after our visit. The food must always be able to do the talking. As we know we are all defined by our last review. Here’s one person’s take, visiting in April 2019 –

If you want to get a real gastronomic pleasure, Retro Tavern is right place. Each dish is worth a taste. It is not just the hand of a professional, it is his soul! Grilled vegetables, meat Meze, appetizing Mousaka (great sauce), Stifado and, of course, Kleftiko (excellent lamb). Special thanks for Ladies fingers and coffee)! Aesthetic pleasure is created by a cozy atmosphere and light unobtrusive beauty of this place. Thank you all for the unforgettable Impressions!!! I recommend a visit the Retro Tavern in Kalavasos to everyone. I will definitely come back here again!

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