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Recommended Tavernas and Restaurants

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image of a very large pork chop served with chips, salad and pitta bread

Recommended Tavernas and Restaurants

Maroni – our village is small, that is part of its charm. A consequence of being in a small village is that there is limited choice. Limited choice does not though mean poor choice. These then are tavernas and restaurants that we have visited and are happy to recommend.

All of these local eateries are run by people who care about the food they serve and they know most of the people that come to eat at their place. You will be dining with local people, eating locally grown fruit and vegetables. If you choose meat it will likely have been procured from our local butcher, Theonitsa. Typically you will be offered chicken, lamb or pork. If you have fish it will likely have come via the local harbour at Zygi. Think farm yards rather than air miles!

Kopiaste – enjoy Cyprus dining!

The Old Coffee Shop (Maroni)

This cafe/bar has recently been opened in an old coffee shop in Maroni (hence the name) which has been refurbished to a very good standard. The owner and his wife and daughter run it between them – they are English ex-pats. It does serve coffee – very good Illy coffee (cappuccino, americano etc), they have a very good selection of beers and wines, and a small menu. You can get a cold meat or cheese platter, and they also do a good pie and mash! They are open Wed-Sun 10-2pm & 6-11pm. There is generally no need to book. (Tel 24332553)

There is a small step in the entrance which may make it a challenge for wheelchair users.

Lemon Garden Restaurant

Head towards the beach you have Lemon Garden Restaurant also known as ‘Gold Lemon’ which is run by Charalambous another young business person. The restaurant was established by his mother and father. Dad, Father Gregoris, is also the village priest. The menu, as well as offering a selection of grilled meats and salads, includes some fish dishes and kleftiko (order in advance). The restaurant also has its own swimming pool which clients are invited to use.

Spyros Taverna

Spyros Taverna sits just above Maroni beach, the main seating area overlooks the bay. Beyond a grassed expanse which serves as a play area for young children (here they have some playground equipment and from time to time a bouncy castle) is the main building with the kitchen and indoor seating. Spyros business is always in transition, it is growing and developing but one thing that does not change is the superb quality and stomach filling quantity of food. Those travelling along the beach road stop for coffee or breakfast in the morning. Try a ‘mixed sandwich’ for brunch – they are really filling! For a meal there is a full range of grills, salads and fish dishes on offer.

If like me you can’t tolerate cucumber (some cucumbers give me indigestion) you might want to learn the phrase ‘Ochi angouri’.

Hercules Fish Taverna, Zygi

Sea bream, bass, octopus, red snapper, squid, calamari and many more fish dishes are on offer. For those who are not keen on fish the usual grills, salads etc are available.

We started visiting this family taverna many years ago and it remains a favourite. Brothers Theo and Michael will offer you a warm welcome – they know their fish and in my experience, their food has been consistently good. Our most recommended fish taverna.

Parea Mezedaki, Zygi

Kika is your hostess, a bundle of energy with a lovely smile. All of their cooked food is made with fresh ingredients. Many ingredients come from the family farm. Unusually for Zygi this taverna specialises in cooked meat dishes of which there are a large variety of local specialities.

Parea Mezedakis has been ‘adopted’ by our book club,  we meet there monthly.

You can find the taverna at Makedonias 21, 7739, Zygi. They offer a delivery and take away services to complement their dine in menu. Phone: +357 24332844 or +357 99563242

Diana’s Fish Bar

Diana’s is run by affable Nick Patsalides. They serve UK style fish and chips. For some people fish and chips is not complete without ‘mushy peas’. Personally I don’t get the attraction but for those that do, they are available. Nick likes to serve his customers freshly baked bread to accompany their meal. If you are a fan of super fresh bread you will love this twist!

Zygi Fish Tavernas

There are too many fish tavernas in Zygi to count! Fish and Zygi are synonymous around here. As lovers of fish we count ourselves lucky to have this choice location on our doorstep. We have, from time to time, eaten at a number of the Psarotavernas. None have disappointed. If you find one that you particularly like, do please let me know and we will review it and add it to our listing.

If you have visited Zygi harbour you will surely have spotted The Captain’s Table this restaurant attracts customers who want the best that Zygi has to offer. It is on our list to visit. When we do I’ll write a report.

Nostos Tavern, Tochni

Moving a little further away from Maroni we come to Tochni where Irene is the driving force behind the family-run Nostos Taverna. Dining here is always fun and the menu supports enough choice to please most. Finding Nostos is easy, they are opposite the village church in the heart of the village. Phone: +357 24333122

Tasties, Lefkara

Lefkara is on the itinerary of most visitors to Cyprus and those who make the time to search out Tasties will be rewarded! Maria and Duncan created and run Tasties. They have an artisan skill which is reflected in their menu and their approach to their craft. Monday is their day off. Understandably they get busy, especially so at the weekend, booking is always wise at this highly recommended taverna.

Militzis, Larnaca

Sooner or later most visitors want to spend time exploring our district capital, Larnaca. On the water’s edge just beyond Larnaca Fort you find Militzis, look for the bougainvillea covered old windmill. This business has a long history and reputation. Their signature dishes include kleftico, halloumi, giant beans, pagouri, yoghurt. Their produce is oh so tasty – I defy anyone to not enjoy the potatoes served with kleftico!

Lambros Fish Bar, Dhekelia

Fish and chips are the dish that people travel miles to enjoy. Lambros is the place reputed for the best. Visit, taste and decide what you think!

The Cook House, Limassol

From time to time we find ourselves in Limassol and on a recent visit we found The Cook House. This eatery is not on the tourist trail and so you would have to travel a few streets back from the sea front to get here. Worth the effort? In my option it most certainly is worth the effort. Described as a chilled hang-out spot with quality food – it is. Note: they are closed unitl 6 September 2016 for summer holidays.

Coffee Island, Kiti

Coffee Island in Kiti are my go-to coffee house when I’m in the area. Not quite at home with recommended tavernas, Coffee Island is an indicator of how hugely important coffee is on Cyprus. The Coffee Island franchise is well established here and I enjoy their coffee served with free wifi! Anyone who can take the time to educate about their beverages in this way… Gets my vote!

Maroni and Food

Maroni is surrounded on three sides by fields, agriculture is the most important local business. It is therefore no surprise to see our Greek Cypriot neighbours enjoying locally grown vegetables, fruit and meat. The fourth side? The Mediterranean and fish.

Food is mostly cooked on the grill and served with a village salad of chopped tomatoes, lettuce, sliced cabbage, sliced onion and cucumber.


Worth knowing… Especially if you want or don’t want something in particular. Usually lightly dressed with olive oil and wine vinegar. You may find that your salad has been sprinkled with dried oregano and maybe some other herbs. Some serve feta cheese with their salad. Others serve delicious grilled halloumi (we refer to this as squeaky cheese, you will know why when you are chewing it!) There are many variations on the Mediterranean diet theme.

These are just a few of our recommended tavernas, for an in depth look at the Syrian Arab Friendship Club restaurant review

Club House Square is Closed

Sad news – our village taverna – which was superbly run by George and Thespo, a young vibrant couple who had made the place the hub of village life, has been closed.

Sitting out in their courtyard on a summer’s evening was one of life’s pleasures. Those who have been will have their own special memories.

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