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Pool Scuba Session

Posted: 05 Oct, 2016. No comments
three scuba divers in our swimming pool making buoyancy adjustments

Our first pool scuba session – turning expressions of interest in action!

Supervised Padi Pool PRM Dive session in our pool
Sarah proving that disabled diving can be fun! Woman scuba diver photographed in our swimming pool under supervision of disabled divers international trained instructor and assistant.

We know that there are a lot of people who are interested in, and supportive of, scuba diving for people with disabilities. Our twitter feed tells us this much! We get a response each time we post about our pool scuba diving.

Recall if you will that a dream unrealised is still but a dream and you should I hope see the significance of making things happen…

This event started with this email question / statement.

Oh, one final question: do you know if there are any local scuba (PADI) organisations who are familiar to diving with disabled people?  I’ve been a qualified diver through PADI’s HSA (Handicapped Scuba Association) system for many years and would love to get back in the sea for a dive if possible, but would need an experienced company.

This became my cue to get researching and after a couple of false starts I found a promising lead to a trained disabled diving instructor ready, willing and able to participate. With the requisite certificate showing insurance cover and his request for a certificate which indicates that the participant(s) are fit to dive we look set to start. If you are reading thinking, I want some of this action please see your GP or specialist (if you have one, who might be better placed to comment) as one or other of these persons needs to sign off on your ‘fitness to dive’.

So the months and weeks and days and hours ticked by until Sunday 2 October which just happened to coincide with the Cyprus world record diving chain attempt. Once that little matter was resolved, our session started.


three scuba divers in our swimming pool making buoyancy adjustments
Photo showing three scuba divers making initial adjustments before diving underwater in our swimming pool

Sarah enjoyed getting back into the water and getting reacquainted with a diving mask and mouth piece. Marlise and Nicky – they were two newbies at the start. Both completed their PADI ‘try dive’ with flying colours and are anxious to take their diving to the next stage. Sarah is looking forward to returning to Cyprus and her next diving adventure.

Photo of two women, one operating the controls of a hydraulic hoist to lower the second person into our swimming pool.
Hoisting into and out of the swimming pool using a hydraulic hoist.

The only question that remains is – when will you turn your diving dreams into reality?




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