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Pentaschinos Fish Taverna

Posted: 24 Jun, 2018. No comments
Image of a beach from the balcony of Pentaschinos Fish Taverna on Cyprus

Pentaschinos Fish Taverna

Pentaschinos Fish Taverna -the name, it’s a bit of a mouthful right? Penta, that’s five in Greek. As for the rest, I had to turn to Google to find this reference

Pentaschinos: There was a village with this name during medieval times. The inhabitants of the village gradually moved to Agios Theodoros. The river of Agios Theodoros is also named Pentaschinos. There are five different ways to explicate the name “Pentaschinos”:

There was a snake in the area that scared all inhabitants because it was as long as five ropes (pente schinia=Pentaschinos)
The snake ate a wine merchant and his animal that carried five wineskins (pente askia=Pentaschinos)
The inhabitants of the village killed the snake when they fed her with five wineskins (pente askia=Pentaschinos) filled with wine and lime. When the snake ate them, its guts were burned
There were five great schines, a type of bush (pente schinies=Pentaschinos) at the river banks.
The word “Pentaschinitis” is inscribed on the icon of Saint Athanassios

Having cleared that up. Or not…


Shall we order?

Niki and I visited the restaurant on a Friday evening, 15 June 2018. Friday being the start of the weekend, there was a steady flow of customers using the outside seating during the time we were there.

We planned to order one lavraki (sea bass) and one tsipoura (sea bream). Lavraki was not available. So we settled for two tsipoura. We had a couple of starters – olives and tahini, accompanied by a village salad and bread. I opted to try the draft ‘Alfa’ beer, an imported beer from Greece. Niki chose bottled water.

Image of a char grilled fish
Sea Bream is called Tsipoura on Cyprus. Cooked properly, as this one was, it tastes divine!

The starters arrived quite quickly and were closely followed by a plate of chips and some toasted bread. The bread arrived laced with olive oil and dried oregano as is the local tradition.

We ate our starters, the salad and the chips and then we waited, and waited. While we waited, we debated the chips. Probably cut from Cyprus potatoes which we love. But. Fresh or frozen? Niki, a connoisseur of Cyprus potatoes considered them to be frozen. Fresh is best in terms of taste and texture.

Image of a plate of freshly cooked chips
There can be no doubt that Cyprus potatoes make the best chips!

When it arrived, the fish was good, but why the wait? It wasn’t as if the restaurant was operating at full stretch with ten customers at various stages of their order.

With so many restaurants from which to choose, service is a big issue. Yes, they gave us water melon and spoon fruits on the house, this is standard in the area.

The bill – circa 35 Euro including one beer, approx €18 each. We have a couple of ‘go to’ restaurants against which we ‘benchmark’ those we review and so we feel that on this experience we would give 7/10 for value for money, 7/10 for flavour and 8/10 for service. The service, when it happened was good, it was just a shame about the delay.

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