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Palm Tree

Posted: 14 May, 2016. No comments
Large palm tree with a mass of leaf fronds, photo taken against the light on a hot sunny day in Maroni village on the island of Cyprus in May 2016

On what has been the hottest day of the year so far to date, Niki and I took a walk up into Maroni village where I spotted this palm tree.

I thought that it would make a great ‘against the light’ image.

Armed with my trusty smart phone, a Sony Xperia Z3, which I’m almost ashamed to say has virtually replaced my Canon Ixus as my go anywhere ‘grab an image’ device of choice, I composed and snapped this photo. I have no idea why I still find the idea of making a photograph on my smart phone as being something less than using a camera but I do. Perhaps it is an age thing? In photography terms I’m something of a dinosaur having grown up with real film technology – but that is a post for another day! To find out more about the images that you could be making with an Xperia phone why not start here.

It is worth noting that Maroni has lots of interesting things to photograph. If you visit you will no doubt see things that to us, as locals, have become commonplace and invisible. It is a good exercise to get out and about and to train the eye to look for things that might be of interest.

A palm tree always makes a great subject in my opinion as it is evocative of life in the Eastern Mediterranean. The huge branches arch up with their fans of razor edged leaves. When the wind blows across them there is an almost musical quality to the sound.

So there I was, late afternoon, the sun was heading West and offered up this shot. When I got home I had a look at the image on my MacBook and felt that the colours were washed out and that it would stand out better with a vignette mask applied. Voila, here is the result. I hope you like it! Why not let me know what you think?

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