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Maroni Co-op Bank Closure

Posted: 10 Sep, 2018. No comments

Maroni Bank is to close on September 18th 2018

The shutters come down on our Maroni village Co-op bank on Tuesday, September 18th 2018. I have been to the bank and I can confirm this closure.

For those who have one or more accounts at the bank you will want to know what happens next, right?

All accounts are now part of the new owners, the Hellenic Bank, who made the winning bid for the Co-op banks.

Kalavasos (former Co-op Bank) Branch are where I am told any scheduled payments will continue to be paid, is where you can do your banking business. See the footnotes for the address and the contact details.

Furthermore, you should know that if you banked with the co-op you will only be able to withdraw money from Kalavasos, Anglisides or the Larnaca (Grivas Digeni) branches of Hellenic Bank (you won’t be on their system at other branches until they re-organise all of the, island-wide, former co-op accounts into their system which is said will take twelve months). I hope that this information is helpful.

Notice of bank closure affixed to the door today

Maroni Bank Closure Announcement

Apart from the broken door handle, this was what greeted me when I went to Maroni Co-op Bank today. Notice the Cyprus Cooperative Bank logo, nice but short lived, and at some cost it seems. More on that in a later post.

Kalavasos Bank Details

Kalavasos Co-op now Hellenic Bank

Address: No. 13 Stavrodromiou Street, 7733 Kalavasos, Larnaca, Cyprus

Phone: +357 24 845000

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