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June in Maroni

Posted: 01 May, 2019. No comments

If you were looking to holiday in Maroni at a time of year when sunshine is plentiful but not extremely hot, I’d recommend June.

I realise that people have differing levels of tolerance to heat, cold, pain, chillies etc,.

However my observations about June are based on more than nine years living on Cyprus, so I hope that experience counts for something.

One of the other benefits of a visit in June is that school children are not yet on holiday. This means that flights are more readily available. They don’t book up quite so quickly. Flights are also considerably cheaper than they are when children are on holiday from school. You can see the variation in flight costs using a flight tracker service like SkyScanner

In June all of the tourist attractions will have been open for a number of weeks. It is worth checking to see if there are any public holidays during your visit as these can impact on whether attractions open or not on the public holiday day, most do open, some do not. This is life in the Eastern Mediterranean!

With these thoughts in mind, if you are looking for accessible accommodation on Cyprus this June, we have some great offers for you.

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