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Is there value for money to be had from a bottle of €4 wine ?

Posted: 04 Dec, 2019. No comments

Is there value for money to be had from a bottle of white wine that costs less than €4 ?

Soon after you arrive on Cyprus you are going to want to stock up. Wine will be on the list of most travellers!
We bought this KEO Xynisteri 2018 €3.99 from Lidl in Larnaca, Cyprus in November 2019. You will find Keo wines at the major supermarkets. These include Alpha Mega, Metro and Sklavendis. You could also try some of the local convenience stores. Like a ‘seven-eleven’ or ‘corner shop’ they are know on Cyprus as peripteros.
The first thing we all do, after checking the price, is read the label.
A lively, crisp, dry white wine with delicate aroma and smooth taste, vinified at the Mallia winery from Xynisteri grapes.
Ideally served with salads, cheese, seafood and white meat.
You may not recognise the Xynisteri grape variety as easily as say a Chardonnay or Sauvignon. It is one of the main varietals worth looking out for on Cyprus.
You are almost certain to be eating salads, cheese, seafood and white meat. This says buy this wine!
That is what the producers say. You and I want to know what it tastes like? Is it worth the price? Should we pay more for something better?
We know, or we think that we know, that when we pay more for a product it delivers something better.
When you get your white wine home, pop it into the fridge / wine chiller.
The style of a white wine impacts what temperature it is best served at. Aim for somewhere between 7 – 10 deg C.

Can your white wine get too cold?

Yes – if it’s served too cold, it can mask some of the flavours.
‘As a rule, people tend to over-chill their whites, but at least a wine that’s too cold will warm up in the glass!’
The taste is clean and exciting, refreshing without being terribly complex. If you serve it too cold it will seem bland, raise the temperature and the flavours start to emerge. Serve it too warm and becomes unpleasant on the tongue. Who wants to drink mulled white wine?

My Conclusions

So yes. I give this one a thumbs up. It won’t replace my favourites but at under €4 a bottle? That’s three generous glasses of quaffable white wine for less than €1.35 a glass – what’s not to like?

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