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Having an accessible holiday rental villa is a huge pleasure

Posted: 23 Sep, 2019. No comments

Having an accessible holiday rental villa is a huge pleasure.

Niki and I get immense satisfaction by being able to enable people to holiday at Villa Carpe Diem. I hope that doesn’t sound boastful, it’s not meant that way!

One of the challenges of running our business is making sure that people who need what we have, can find us. Should we advertise? Where should we advertise? What is working, what isn’t?
At times I’m not sure people can find us, so I’m working at fixing that perceived problem.

A part of that fix has been our joining Vacation Soup.
If you don’t know what Vacation Soup (VS) is or what it does, hold on and I’ll let you into this secret!

In Vacation Soup we share the best of the world with you.

VS is a collection of resources, a web-builder, a community and so much more. Assembled, maintained and run by Alan Egan and Francis Walinger.

So far so good. One element of VS is the Vacation Soup Members Only Group. In the group, we chat with each other about what does and what does not help make our business tick.

We confront the issues of the day. Things like the charges that the ‘big sites’ levy on you the customer and us as independent providers. We also talk about apps and tools to make our lives more manageable and your holiday stay a better experience.
Everyone has but one thing in mind, how can we best help and support our customers.

When you book through this independent you get these benefits:
You are dealing directly with the owner
You have the best price guarantee
We welcome children
No booking fees, ever
Shared local knowledge
Our knowledge in depth of accessible Cyprus
Secure Payment Options

A topic that recently emerged in the group is recommendations. Our shared experience and knowledge mean that each of us is a ‘local expert’. We know our property and we know the neighbourhood. We provide helpful information to our guests but what we haven’t done up until now is share our knowledge of other great holiday rentals with our customers. That is changing. I realise that if you are reading this, then chances are that you are thinking of holidaying in Cyprus. But what if I told you about this wonderful place in Exuma or Exmoor or Extramadura? You might want to visit there. And that is all good. So without further ado, we start today, adding links and guest posts from friends who would love to welcome you at their vacation or holiday rental. Now, all you have to do is decide when you are visiting!

One last thing, those pigs, they’re on Exuma, go check them out.

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