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Green Monday – Great Weather

Posted: 11 Mar, 2019. No comments

Green Monday started with sunshine in Maroni. The temperature at mid-day a very comfortable 19 degrees celsius. Not quite breaking through the magical twenty degrees plus but on the cusp of true Summer weather, Cyprus style.

Kite flying is the order of the day. Children are out in the fields with parents and grand parents taking advantage of the freshening breezes off of the sea to fly their colourful kites.

If you were looking for a local picnic spot, Maroni has its own leisure space complete with parking, picnic benches and children’s play area. There’s even a barbecue, though the barbie won’t be getting used on Clean Monday. This space was considered to be reasonably wheelchair friendly on our last visit.

For those who want to head into the mountains, take the road up to Lefkara and beyond, following the signs for Vavatsynia, take a right turn and head to Kionia picnic site.picnic site at Kionia Cyprus

It is worth pointing out that Kionia, unless access has been improved since we were last there, is not suitable for wheelchair users.


Cyprus boasts forty picnic sites, many set in forested woodlands. Meaning that there should be one quite close by, wherever you are on the island. Since we have not visited these picnic sites, you are advised to satisfy yourself with regard to wheelchair access. The Cyprus Tourism Organisation should be able to advise on such matters.

It goes without saying that great care needs to be taken when lighting fires at picnic sites. Since this is Green Monday there is likely to be no meat or fish cooked.

A visit to the nearby Macharias Monastery, also spelt Makheras, could be an interesting addition to this first day of Lent outing.

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