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Food For Thought

Posted: 12 Oct, 2018. No comments

Food For Thought. When I reflect on what life offers, I find there are few things as important as passion.

Food inspires passion. Sport fires passion, as an athlete you need massive amounts of passion, not to mention the right foods to ensure you are able to perform to your very best. As a spectator dutifully following your team through the highs and lows you earn your stripes not in victory but in handling defeat. That brings us to disability. Who stops to think of what others have to deal with when they are or become disabled? The majority of us live our lives, especially our young lives, almost without a care. Some deliberately flirt with risk as participants in extreme sports.

Dave’s book tells his story. It is a story of passions, following dreams and handling a life-changing event that in an instant changed everything. A young up and coming chef who was on the cusp of competing in the inaugural world karate championships suffers a traumatic injury that changes the course of his life.

This book shares a personal story as well as providing a handy resource of recipes devised by top chefs who responded to Dave’s request to produce a menu suitable for a person of reduced mobility.

I’d urge you to buy the book, read it, learn from it and in the process support the charities that Dave has chosen to donate to in furtherance of their mission.

Passion and purpose allied with determination and courage – these are the ingredients of this story.

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