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Five Star Carer Review

Posted: 29 May, 2016. No comments
the back of the head of a woman wearing a purple felt floppy hat. She can be seen holding binoculars gazing out across Larnaca Salt lakes with buildings reflected on the waters in the distance

Having an independent carer review is a valuable asset for guests and owners.

My client is a wheelchair bound individual who requires certain equipment and aids for their day-to-day routine. The house was set up so that the care I provided could be done with ease. The owners were very happy to accommodate us by hiring and even buying some special equipment we required. The villa was great for me, as a carer, as it allowed my client to go on holiday without affecting the care I could provide to them. The accessibility of the property also meant that my client could really relax and enjoy their holiday

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As private vacation rental owners Niki and I feel a sense of duty to ensure that you as a visitor fully enjoy your stay in your villa. We are always prepared to go the extra mile for you. You can quote me on that!

*Name changed to Wilsy to protect the anonymity of both the carer and the client at their request.

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