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Five Free Things To Do In Larnaca

Posted: 03 Mar, 2016. No comments

Three of the top five things to do in Larnaca are free!

Larnaca has Cypriot charm. It is hard to define but once you have arrived in Larnaca you can detect the charm and it feels wonderful. Start your visit in Lazaros Square and you will experience it immediately.

Agios Lazaros – Agios meaning sacred or saint, was built over the second tomb of Lazarus of Bethany, the subject of a miracle recounted in the Gospel of St John. Lazarus became the first Bishop of Kition when he arrived on Cyprus having fled Judea. The 9th Century church then commemorates a significant figure from the New Testament.

The church itself is a much admired mainly limestone building having a unique baroque iconostasis carved from wood with inlaid painted iconography and the intricate carving covered in gold is said to have been completed between 1793 and 1797.

Hale Sultan Tekke is a historic mosque located on the western shore of the Larnaca Salt Lake. The name translates to the Mosque of Umm Haram. Umm Haram was the Islamic prophet Muhammad’s wet nurse and the wife of Ubada bin al-Samit. On the outskirts of a bustling city, adjacent the island’s largest international airport, the location enjoys a special serenity. At the site you can a complex composed of a mosque, mausoleum, minaret, cemetery, and living quarters for men and women.

Kamares Aqueduct – also known as the Bekir Pasha Aqueduct, is an aqueduct located on the outskirts of Larnaca. It was built in 1747 for the Ottoman governor of Larnaca and may be considered the “most prominent” water supply to be built on Cyprus in that era. An imposing structure, it sits adjacent to the old road to Limassol. Photographers may be interested to know that a section of the aqueduct is illuminated at night.

Larnaca City Walking Tours – Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes and light clothes and a hat for protection against the sun. It’s a good idea to carry a small bottle of water to maintain hydration during the walk.

For more information call: 24 654322.

The tours take place on Wednesdays and Fridays and last approximately two hours with a twenty minute break for rest at a traditional coffee shop. WEDNESDAY: Larnaka – It’s Past and Present – Wednesday from 10.00am. FRIDAY: Skala – It’s Craftmen at 10.00am

Wednesday tour: ”Larnaka – Its Past & Present”. It starts at the Plateia Vasilios Pavlou, home of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) Information Office. It covers the history of Larnaka and its importance as a maritime centre throughout the centuries. The tour explores workshops and craftsmen at work, giving visitors a taste of the past and the present. The main features of the tour are Larnaca’s traditional architecture, workshops, Byzantine monuments, St Lazarus Church and other historical buildings.
Friday tour: “Skala and Its Craftsmen” – starts at Larnaka Castle, Leoforos Athinon – located at the far right end of the main beach road Finikoudes, when standing looking at the sea. It explores the Scala area and visits the handicraft workshops, craftsmen created recently by young ceramic artist. Moreover, it visits picturesque streets with traditional houses, the old Turkish Cypriot quarter and observes traditional architecture.

Cyprus Tourist Organization
Plateia Vasileos Pavlou
Tel: 2465 4322
Tel: 2463 0576,_Larnaca

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