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Cyprus – ranked third for Family Friendly Beaches

Posted: 12 Jan, 2019. No comments
Sandy beach with a palm tree

In a list of 50 family beach destinations, Cyprus ranks a highly commendable third on the ‘family beach index’.

To make their comparisons, researchers looked at sea and air temperatures, family friendly attractions, as well as flight times from UK and the average holiday cost for a family of four.

At the top of the list came Crete, it has the highest number of water parks, ten in total. The island also boasts an impressive average temperature of 24 deg C from May through October.

Number two is the Costa Blanca. Though Cyprus has more water parks than the Spanish resort, nine compared with 7, it has the disadvantage of being further away from the UK. This earned Cyprus a ranking of 14.2 against the Costa Blanca’s 16.8.

Cyprus scores high on average sea and air temperatures in the summer, 24.5C and 23.5C respectively. Those summer sea temperatures are really worth thinking about of you plan to bathe in the sea.

The index was compiled by a UK based travel firm who had this to say: “With flights coming in at around 4 hours and 50 minutes Cyprus is just that little bit further away, but with beautiful beaches, fabulous attractions and plenty of sun, it’s so worth it.”

The top ten is made up of Costa Brava* (fourth), Costa Dorada* (fifth), Majorca (sixth), Malta (seventh), Corfu (eighth), Sardinia (ninth) and the Costa De La Luz(10th). ( = in Spain)

It is perhaps unsurprising to note that the index, which looked at eight European countries, did not pay attention to accessible beaches. This is a great shame as many European beaches are working hard to improve access. In 2018 Cyprus had the largest number yet of accessible beaches, with parking, equipment, and staff on hand.

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