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Cyprus Bananas – Our Top 10 Tips

Posted: 05 Mar, 2020. No comments

Cyprus Bananas – Our Top 10 Tips

Our ten top tips, easily digested information. Cyprus bananas, get your hands on these healthy powerhouses!

1. The Cyprus banana is a nutritional powerhouse, packed with energy-giving carbohydrate and heart-healthy potassium.
2. On average we each eat 10kg of bananas every year (about 100 – 150 bananas).
3. Edible varieties, of which there are more than one hundred, fall into two distinct species: the banana and the plantain banana.
4. The peel of the banana is inedible.
5. The skin colour is a guide to its ripeness. Green = under ripe, yellow = ripe, brown = over ripe.
6. Bananas in Cyprus and elsewhere in the world grow on a tree-like plant that can grow to be up to 15 metres tall.
7. A cluster of bananas is known as a hand. Each banana plant can produce 50 – 100 hands.
8. If you should pass a banana grove, you will likely notice the blue plastic bags that growers use to cover their crop. These bags are impregnated with chemicals that protect the ripening fruit and reduce the need for crop spraying.
9. Bananas have a high sugar content which makes them a good ‘fuel’ source. Since they also have a high fibre content they are gut friendly.
10. The potassium-rich banana is useful in helping regulate heart function and fluid balance. Cyprus bananas have widely recognised health benefits, in lowering blood pressure, protecting against strokes and heart disease.

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