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Cyprus and Craft Beer

Posted: 02 Sep, 2019. No comments

Cyprus and Craft Beer

Cyprus is famous for sunshine and heat. When we get hot many of us choose to reach for a refreshing beer. As an aside, prompted by the feature image. If you must drink canned beer. Re-cycle the cans responsibly.  

Cyprus Craft beers and the Sotira Microbrewery. The good news is that there is a new beer in town. The new beer is Strange name for a beer? Who calls their beer after a cephalopod? 

Three guys. Let’s call them Tadas, Michael and Loizos. Have a look at this short video before you read on.

They had/have a brewery and a range of beers. They called it Prime Microbrewery. The launch of Prime was in 2008. The reason it exists is the desire to have good quality, fresh beer, locally brewed. I’d vote for that philosophy! 

They place quality and natural ingredients at the core of their brewing. Another tick in a box.  

They cite their environmental credentials. Few if any firms can claim a ‘strict spent grains for fresh halloumi’ deal with local farmers. 

The Prime beer range is/was live, unpasteurised, beer. Another tick in another box. 

Prime Microbrewery has/had eight distinct products. Cyprus Pils. Prime Pale Ale. Prime Amber Ale. Prime Golden Ale. Prime Black. Prime White. 

I’m still puzzled. Why have they launched this brew? 

Is the beer a new recipe or the prime product under a new name? *

Can you describe the taste? Fresh.

What market are you aiming to serve? Beyond saying you won’t find their beer in a pub, they don’t say.

Will people confuse the name with October? Duck Duck Go lists the Canadian Octo Beer from Phillips Malting and Brewery Company at the top of a keyword search I did by using Octo beer launch and Cyprus…

The only thing I can find is the launch video. The video has me wondering ‘are these guys serious’. They have pitched the launch as a comedy. At three minutes twenty seconds long the video answers some questions. Critical questions remain. The product seems to be created in a small batch. Will it catch on? Will the name stick in the mind for the right reasons? 

Most importantly, what does octo beer taste like and where can I try it? ‘I’m sorry you can’t find our beer in any pubs’. To answer this question, perhaps they will launch an app. The octo-app could send people scurrying around Cyprus on something akin to a Pokemon hunt! 

Will I need a small mortgage to be able to afford a bottle of this elixir from Cyprus? We can only wait to see!

I look forward to updating this blog post with news as we get it. If you have bought and sampled octo beer please let us have your thoughts.

Since writing this piece I have found my way to their website

The website appears to be a work in progress.

*I reached out to the company via the comments section of youtube as per their request to have questions via that channel. 

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