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Crisp Green Salad

Posted: 03 Mar, 2016. No comments

If freshness had a taste, this is where you would come to define that taste!

At a distance of no more than two kilometres from us, overlooking the sea, is Koulla’s Fruitaria. This is the place to buy your fruit and vegetables whilst holidaying at Villa Carpe Diem. Koulla’s husband Timothis is a farmer, often seen riding around on a red Massey Ferguson tractor, he tends the land around the Fruitaria. The crops, many and varied, are delicious and oh so fresh.

Lettuce – a selection of perhaps one or two varieties
Chives or spring onion (to taste)
Olive oil to dress

Pick over your leaves and wash them in cool water, spin them in the salad spinner and shredded them. Some prefer to use a knife others like to tear them. We had been told that in Lithuania a finely shredded salad is a sign of a good chef – you will need to make your own mind up about that!

Those rocket leaves are deliciously peppery, we occasionally like to dice the stalks and include them as well…

In a bowl toss the leaves with a drizzle or a lug of olive oil. If you are staying at Villa Carpe Diem you will have a bottle of our home grown and locally pressed organic olive oil. If not you will want to get hold of the best quality olive oil available to you. A twist or two of freshly ground black pepper, some sea salt and on the side a few wedges of fresh lemon to add a touch of acidity…

Suggested Accompaniment
At Zygi Kalavassos cross roads look for the bakers shop, when you get to the roundabout, you have gone past the bakery, drive around the roundabout and you are there. Ask for a loaf of ‘Octaspero’ bread – if they don’t have any, order one for tomorrow. Octaspero – eight grain bread is a wonderful accompaniment to a crisp green salad – usual caveats apply (Niki is gluten intolerant and sadly cannot eat this delicious bread).

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