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Chinese Meze

Posted: 05 May, 2016. No comments

An incredible fusion of food styles – that’s the Chinese Meze that we ate at Shanghai 2 in Kiti earlier this week.


Shanghai 2 Restaurant discount offer on Chinese Meze showing photos of Chinese food
Chinese Meze Offer – May 2016

Chinese food is commonplace around the globe and so finding a Chinese Restaurant in Kiti on the island of Cyprus is no great surprise. The Cypriots also excel at producing meze – those delightful taster plate dishes of Mediterranean food.

So, the chefs at the restaurant have combined the two cooking styles and come up with their own ingenious menu. Twenty different dishes are on offer at only fifteen Euros per person. Do the math, that’s seventy five cents per item. Seldom has value for money when dining out been so obvious. At these prices you could imagine yourself in a 1980’s time warp. You aren’t, this is 2016 with a value added twist! There is a minimum order of two persons, we went as a group of four and we all had a delicious feast. Such great flavour combinations. Truly, more food than we could eat!

At the heart of this idea is the opportunity to sample dishes that you might not otherwise choose if you were looking to select your major dish. You will find there are pork, beef and chicken dishes plus they do a flavoursome calamari. Vegetable spring rolls feature, wings, bbq ribs, hot and spicy sauce, sweet and sour sauce. There really is something for everybody.

Be quick though – this €15 offer is only around, on Wednesday and Sunday, until the end of May ’16. Shanghai 2 in Kiti is at 53, Archbishop Makariou III, phone 24426600 or 24426042 to make your table reservation.

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