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Kataklysmos – What Is It, When Is It?

Posted: 13 Jun, 2019. No comments

Kataklysmos is one of many Cyprus festivals. Held each year 50 days after Orthodox Easter, this event has special significance for Larnaka as a coastal town.    The spoken word sounds like the English word that is derived from the Greek language via French. (Some say that French is mis-spelled English. Others...

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Discover these hidden Cyprus gems

Posted: 25 Apr, 2019. No comments

Discover these hidden Cyprus gems We all like a spot of adventure and discovery, don’t we? Hidden treasure, hidden gems, they captivate us and set our imagination on fire. These Cyprus hidden gems are not for everybody, they are reserved exclusively for you and a select few others. These are sights that tend to e...

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Two girls walking together in the park

From Spring Flowers To Eight Grain Bread

Posted: 09 Apr, 2019. No comments

Cyprus is looking stunning. Having been back from the UK for a few weeks, we have, in travelling about the place, noticed the Spring flowers, there is a riot of yellows amid the green foliage that is carpeting the island. This colourful countryside will be a really pretty lead up to Easter at the end […]

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