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Cyprus Bananas – Our Top 10 Tips

Posted: 05 Mar, 2020. No comments

Cyprus Bananas – Our Top 10 Tips Our ten top tips, easily digested information. Cyprus bananas, get your hands on these healthy powerhouses! 1. The Cyprus banana is a nutritional powerhouse, packed with energy-giving carbohydrate and heart-healthy potassium. 2. On average we each eat 10kg of bananas every year (a...

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When Did We Get The Taste For Roasting Chestnuts?

Posted: 13 Dec, 2019. No comments

When did we get the taste for Roasting Chestnuts?     December, is by turns wet, dark and extremely chilly. On some days it is all those things! No wonder we like to line up warming treats to keep the cold away.   Buying roasted chestnuts from a street vendor are a seasonal favourite. Vendors […]

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Black grapes from Cyprus

What is Commandaria?

Posted: 04 Oct, 2019. No comments

What is Commandaria? First-time visitors to Cyprus will eventually be introduced to Commandaria. So what is it? Commandaria is an amber-coloured, sweet, dessert wine exclusively made in the Commandaria region on the foothills of the Troodos mountains. Using sun-dried Xynisteri and Mavro grapes the wine-making process t...

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