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Cash Machine – ATM

Posted: 28 Jul, 2017. No comments
image of Bank of Cyprus cash machine atm

Cash Machine / ATM locations nearby

Cash is available nearby from a cash machine ATM. You can use your sterling card to withdraw euros.

The nearest ATM is at Zygi/Kalavassos junction, just off the highway junction 15, next to the bakery.

JCC Smart operate an ATM which is located in the entrance foyer at Alpha Mega supermarket in Skarinou. Most people know where to find Alpha Mega because it is co-located with McDonalds. Look for the golden hoops! JCC Smart is a Cyprus based electronic payments processor.

The nearest Bank of Cyprus with an ATM is in Kiti. Take the beach road towards Larnaca. Look for sign posts to Kiti along the beach road. The Bank of Cyprus is located in a parade of shops close to the Esso and EKO petrol stations.

Cash dispensers are topped up on a regular basis. We consider them safe to use. That said, one should take the usual precautions when withdrawing cash from a hole in the wall machine.

It would be sensible to inform your bank before travelling to Cyprus. That should hopefully stop them blocking your card. Happily some banks now offer customers the opportunity to manage this from an on-line account.

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