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First Cyprus Vegan Fam Festival

Posted: 07 Sep, 2019. No comments

First Cyprus Vegan Fam Festival What is Vegan Fam Festival? The answer is, at a guess, all in the title I’d say. Vegan. Fam(ily) Festival. Let’s read on to find out. Vegan Fam Festival is billed as a celebration of life! It’s an opportunity for vegans and all with an interest in healthy living to […]

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They Do So Much More Than Serve Food!

Posted: 06 Sep, 2019. No comments

They do so much more than serve food! A friend and supporter of Villa Carpe Diem opens an exciting new cafe in Deryneia, Cyprus. As well as everything that you would expect from a good cafe they have soul food. Things to expect: Support and information provision for many causes and conditions. Raise awareness and [...

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Why are wheelchair vehicles so expensive?

Posted: 04 Sep, 2019. No comments

One of the most common questions asked by mobility vehicle buyers is: “Why are wheelchair vehicles so expensive?” We recognised the frustration in dealing with limited transportation options. We want to make the option of a mobility vehicle as easy as possible for our guests. By owning our vehicle we help guests who ar...

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