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Image of Larnaca Fort. A stone built structure on the seafront at Larnaca, Cyprus

Larnaca Fort

Posted: 04 Jun, 2018. No comments

This image shows Larnaca Fort as it is today. You could capture, an impressive photo of Larnaca Fort by walking out onto the wooden jetty from which this image was made. The jetty is accessible to wheelchair users. Let us take a moment to recall that Larnaca Fort or Castle was built to defend the […]

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Large round straw bales in a field where grain has been harvested

Tinder Dry Conditions

Posted: 19 May, 2018. No comments

Today in London there was a wedding going on. Tinder dry conditions here in Maroni gave rise to a song and dance of a different kind! It was early afternoon when I heard a seldom heard sound, the sirens of an emergency service vehicle. These days emergency vehicles all sound alike and as I was […]

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