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Appliances at Villa Carpe Diem

Posted: 28 Sep, 2018. No comments
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Here are a few tips to help you use the appliances easily. If you need to check out a manual, they are in the green A4 folder.

Washing Machine

Our washing machine in the main house is easy to operate.

Laundry detergent can be found in the cupboard under the sink.  With the drum loaded and the door closed, press power button, programme dial lights up.

Turn the dial to the appropriate programme – it will light up each individual programme as you get to it. We recommend the Quick 30 programme which only takes 30 minutes, washes at 20/30 degrees. You can change the spin speed if you wish to 1200/1400, it will take 5 minutes longer.

Press the arrow/pause button.


At the top edge of the door (hidden when the door is shut and operating) are the controls. Press the power button, P1 (Eco wash) is the programme which will light up, and is our recommended wash. All you have to do is close the door and press the arrow/pause button. When the lowest red light is lit the programme has finished. Open the door and on the top edge of the door, press the power button to turn the dishwasher off. Failure to do this will cause the device to become confused and it may the operate problematically.


Press the round dial for the quick 30 second programme on full power. Press it again to increase the time incrementally. The lowest button on the right is the cancel function. If you wish to use other functions please consult the manual which is in the cupboard above the microwave. Please ensure that food that might splatter is covered by the plastic dome (supplied) or cling film, to cut down on cleaning – thank you!


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