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Air Conditioning at Villa Carpe Diem

Posted: 14 Jan, 2016. No comments
graphic showing air conditioning unit and remote control

Air Conditioning – Staying Comfortable In a Hot Climate

All our principal rooms have air conditioning, plus there are a number of stand fans. In the lounge and in the master bedroom there are ceiling mounted fans.

The a/c’s should be pre-set so all you have to do is turn them on.

Check to see: they should be set to cool the room, at 24 degC, this may not seem very low but in practice we have found that this is all that you need to ensure a cooling temperature gradient. Set them lower than 24 degC and you will cause the unit to freeze up in the room and then have to deal with water running down the wall. We will seek to recover repair costs attributable to damage caused by failure to observe the sensible operation of a/c’s.

Most of the a/c’s are on electronic timers. You can choose 30 minutes, one or two hours cooling. We suggest you turn the a/c on when you go to bed and also have the stand fan running on a low setting, in this way the room will remain cool and comfortable through the night.

Top Tips

In the height of summer, it is a good idea to keep the bedroom window shutters closed during the day as this reduces the heating build-up caused by the sunlight.

Please remember to have all doors and windows closed when using the a/c’s – otherwise you will be trying to cool the whole of Cyprus, and using a lot of electricity! (See Electricity)

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