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Accessible Car Hire on Cyprus

Posted: 01 Feb, 2016. No comments

Are you looking for accessible car hire on Cyprus?

Then you are going through an exercise that we went through a couple of years ago. Let me explain, our villa, Villa Carpe Diem is an accessible holiday villa designed with wheelchair users in mind. Whilst looking for an accessible car to hire for a potential client we searched high and low and found that there isn’t much on offer. Furthermore we found that what is on offer is only available at a premium price. That was the challenge that we faced.

We decided that we needed to do something to remove this obstacle that was in the way of people who want to come to Cyprus to stay at Villa Carpe Diem.

What we did to obtain an accessible car

Our answer sat on the forecourt of FMC Cars in Kidderminster. These guys were exceptionally helpful in sorting out a vehicle that would meet our specific accessible vehicle needs. We knew that we needed a wheelchair accessible vehicle a WAV which would be capable of seating a tall person. Could our WAV provide the chair user the same view as the driver and passengers? This led to the rejection of a number of ‘Popemobile’ type conversions. Having a wheelchair accessible vehicle with air conditioning so that the temperature inside the vehicle could be regulated whatever the external air temperatures happened to be is an essential.

Taking a leap of faith, we bought our own accessible car and we shipped her from Bristol, UK to Limassol, Cyprus. Completion of the bureaucratic process required to import a vehicle onto the island enabled us to take the necessary steps to make her available for the benefit of our guests with access needs. You may be interested to know that on Cyprus we drive on the same side of the road as in the UK.

image of our Fiat Doblo Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) parked at Zygi, Cyprus harbourside
Our Fiat Doblo Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) parked at Zygi, Cyprus harbourside

Further details

Our WAV is a FIAT Doblo, she has a diesel engine and a manual gearbox and air conditioning – a must in a hot climate. The wheelchair user enters the vehicle using a ramp which when not in use quickly stows behind the rear door. Anchors hold the wheelchair using secure strapping at both the front and the rear of the chair. Protection for the chair user is by an adjustable seat belt.  With three conventional seats, the Doblo will seat up to four people including the driver. She is exclusively available to our wheelchair using guests. As a part of our package, we provide an airport collection and return service with our WAV. If you would like more details about our wheelchair accessible vehicle feel free to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.




Collision Damage Reimbursement Insurance and our Doblo

Guests who book our WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle) may like to safeguard their damage deposit by taking out a CDR (collision damage reimbursement) insurance.

A policy from Worldwide Insure having an indicative price of £16.00 per week will give the peace of mind of their standard cover for the duration of your stay on Cyprus. Other policies may be available from other providers.

This company offers alternative policies, you might want annual cover or their ‘Deluxe’ product.

You will need to consider who will be driving the WAV and then make sufficient enquiries, and if you decide that it is sensible, procure a CDR policy that meets your needs.

Please note: we do not receive an affiliate fee from this suggestion.

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